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Chakra Talk

Continuing on trying to remember talking about chakras...here is a great infographic of the different chakras and the color associated with them.

The easiest way to remember the color associated with each of the chakras, for me, is the remember the colors of the rainbow run up the the center line starting with red at your root chakra and ending with violet for the crown.

Eating a rainbow diet has been proven scientifically to be good for the body and overall health. When thinking about chakras and what helps keep those energy centers flowing properly, a rainbow diet is also what you want to focus on. Eating colors associated each chakra helps open up its energy flow.

As I said when I began the chakra talks, at first, I thought chakras were just a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo. However, when looked at scientifically, one can in fact see how they relate to the human body and understand where they come from.

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