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Me, again

Hey there everyone! I hope that you are all doing amazing! I mean that from the center of my core. I always want everyone to have the best life they can have. I really do.

So, I had family in from out of town a while ago. I decided to just "go with the flow". After all, it is so exhausting always tracking exactly how much of each thing I eat, how much of everything I drink, making sure I get exactly the right amount of each nutrient and not too much of other nutrients. It's fatigue inducing making sure that I get enough exercise, but not too much exercise, making sure that I am doing yoga and meditating regularly. I mean, most people are able to just enjoy life, right. They eat when they want, do what they want.

Before family got here, I went out to feed my worms. I don't think I've talked about them before, but I have worms to eat my waste. N-E-Way, while I was out there I noticed that my yard needed edged. So, I edged it. Then I noticed that the grass had stained my driveway, so I pressure washed the whole thing, cuz if you only do the edges, that's super duper obvious! Well, since I had only planned on feeding the worms and heading back in, I hadn't slathered on the sunscreen like I usually do and I ended up sunburnt. And we all know that sunburns are no fun. For me, they are really really no fun because my body sees sun as some sort of invader that needs to be fought off, so it sends my immune system into overdrive causing photovoltaic light eruptions, basically my body is covered with extremely painful bumps. That was how I started my time with my family.

I should have known after that, that I needed to be more aware of myself. But it's so tiring to always have to be in control of every little aspect of my life. So, I just let go. My diet was uncontrolled, my exercise was erratic to say the least, my sleep schedule, eating schedule, and everything that I do that most people don't do, and giggle at me for doing, was a disaster.

By the 3rd day of his visit, I was feeling it. I would wake up in the morning hurting all over. I would feel that deep sucking fatigue, that feels like there is some sort of energy vacuum pulling out every last bit of energy. Normally, the moment I start to feel it kick in, I back off, reevaluate and readjust. However, I had family in and wanted to enjoy every possible moment with him, so I pushed through. Every day getting harder and harder to wake up to. Don't get me wrong, I had a ton of fun! I loved being able to spend time with one of my favorite people in the entire world again! I really did. But my body was rebelling. By the 8th day, they day we took him to the airport and and had to say goodbye, I woke up with tears in my eyes and actually thought about just having my hubby take him so I could stay in bed.

It was rough, y'all. My barely healing voice was broken, by muscles were shaky, I was aching on a deep level that I hate aching on. I had the weird tingles throughout my body. Some of the twitches were starting.

The only consistent thing throughout that week was my yin practice before bed. It was my saving grace. It gave me a little bit of recovery each and every night.

Honestly, my recovery from that week wasn't nearly as bad as I have had in the past. I think the yin practice truly helped. Recovery for me is always the same, cuz it works. Really really clean up my diet. Stop exercising, not yoga, so my body can heal from the inside out. Sleep, a lot. Increase my protein intake. And really really listen to my body, giving it what it wants. If my body needs a bath, take a bath, if I need sleep, I sleep, if I need music, listen to music.

It's been exactly one week, today, since we dropped him off at the airport. I am still not 100%, but I am better enough that I am going to start reintroducing my workout routine into my schedule, which is a lot quicker than I normally recover. It has taken up to a month to recover before.

Well, I am going to go and see what I am capable of today. Hope you are all doing well.


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