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What a bit it has been...

Soooo, way back on September 7th, my Facebook page was hacked and I was stripped of admin status. I quickly snagged as much of my intellectual property off of it as I could over the next 9 hours. I contacted FB, which is no easy feat. After over a month of trying to get control back, I gave up. I created a new account. I have been slowly rebuilding it. I think it is actually better than it was before. However, it hurts to lose 8 years of history and memories.


My voice still isn't doing a lot better. If I talk too much one day I suffer for it over the next several days. It isn't fun.

So, I am kind of putting teaching on a back burner for a bit. I have been focusing on my creative side and trying to make that business take off. If you want to check out my art and stuff you can at my other website: www.handmadewithlovebykris.com.

I am trying to keep my head up and embrace gratitude and positivity, some days are easier than others. My anniversary is tomorrow, I'm super excited. We're heading over to the Space Center, then we'll grab Italian for dinner. It should be pretty great.

I hope that everyone out in cyberland is doing ok.


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